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IPENZ Foundation
The "Heart of the Profession"

The IPENZ Foundation was settled as a Charitable Trust in 2004 to provide relief to Members and their families who have suffered misfortune. It also took on a wider public-good role on behalf of the engineering profession.

The Foundation is funded from donations and bequests which are invested to grow and provide a regular income stream. The funds must be used by its Trustees for purposes in pursuit of the Foundation's Objectives.

The Foundation's Objectives

  • To encourage New Zealand school leavers into tertiary education in engineering and technology
  • To educate New Zealanders on the role of technology and engineering in sustainable economic, environmental and social development
  • To educate New Zealanders on significant engineering and technological achievements that form part of New Zealand’s national heritage
  • To further, in New Zealand, the development and practical application of scientific knowledge in engineering or technology for the wider public good
  • To assist, in New Zealand, Members suffering hardship due to physical or mental sickness, disability or incapacity to participate in education or rehabilitation programmes that enable them to resume a career
  • To promote the relief of poverty, in New Zealand, among Members or their dependents arising from age, physical or mental sickness, disability or incapacity or death of the Member concerned.

Donate/Bequeath a contribution to the Foundation - As a Charitable Trust, all donations made to the Foundation are tax deductible.

Current Trustees