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Lasting legacies – Bequests to the IPENZ Foundation

Making a bequest

You can help the Foundation in its worthwhile work by making a bequest, or legacy, in your will. You can do this when your will is drawn up or revised, or by means of a codicil (addition) to an existing will, at no cost.

Benefactors usually specify their bequests to charitable causes in one of three ways:

  • Donating a specific amount (or a specific asset, such as a parcel of shares)
  • Donating a specific percentage of their estate
  • Donating the residue of their estate, once other bequests and obligations are covered.

Each of these options has advantages, depending on the circumstances. We advise you to seek the advice of your lawyer on making the appropriate provision in your will.

Possible wording might be:

I give and bequeath to the IPENZ Foundation:

o The sum of $ ………….
o ……….. % of my estate
o The whole of the residue of my estate.

Your lawyer will need to record the full contact details of the IPENZ Foundation and we would ask you to provide the following:

IPENZ Foundation
PO Box 12 241
Wellington 6144
Telephone: 04 474 8989
Fax: 04 474 8933
Email: Foundation@ipenz.org.nz

The Foundation will acknowledge all bequests or legacies received and as far as possible work within any parameters defined by you.